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ISLAMABAD: the context

The human price of carving out Pakistan from India in 1947 was a million dead and 15 million people displaced.


For decades, Pakistan has grappled with profound challenges, its history marred by conflict, political upheavals, and societal discord. For most of its existence, it has been governed by the army directly or indirectly with deep imprints on the nation’s psyche.

Late in coming, but introspection now sweeps the nation, providing a pivot to comprehend the root causes of our nation's plight. While scholarly discourse attempts to dissect these complexities, hard truths often elude the grasp of the masses.

I have always felt inspired by the wisdom of a famous author who said that, sometimes, fiction is the only effective way to communicate harsh truths. 


Thus, the inception of "Islamabad."

Munir Sheikh

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