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Pakistan Facts: Key Sources


Islamabad is a work of fiction inspired by real events. The following is a list of key sources for
these events.


1947 Partition
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1965 War
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20th-century international relations - Six-Day War, Middle East, Conflict | Britannica


2005 earthquake
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Earthquake Disaster in Northern Pakistan,” Research Gate, October 2009.


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events Jul – Dec.” reliefweb,.

Afghan Refugees
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Migration Review.

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Riaz, Wasim, Dawn, February 11, 2023, “Nankana Sahib DSP, SHO suspended after violent mob
lynches man over blasphemy allegations.”


Forced Disappearance in Pakistan

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Charges of Human Rights Violations.”

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Reasons Will Shock You!”
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Prisoners of War.”


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Lal Masjid
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Pakistan Army
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